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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

This is NOT my sexy walk

So almost nine weeks ago, I broke my toe.  Not the big toe, not the little toe, but the toe NEXT to the little toe.  Oh.  My.  God.  The pain.  I have given birth to two children and I still think the toe hurt more!  And what's worse is that they don't DO anything for a broken toe.  You can go to the doctor and they're like "Yup.  That's a broken toe."  Gee, thanks.  I couldn't tell with all the swelling and bruising.

I was told I would be "uncomfortable" for about eight weeks.  And I have.  I haven't worn regular shoes in all that time.  I have a great pair of faux-fur-lined boots that have worked beautifully.  Of course in the beginning of the nightmare, it was still warm here and I was able to get away with flip-flops.  But then the weather turned cold and I had no choice but to switch to the boots. 

I've limped, I've hopped and now every once in a while I still have this funky swagger going on.  I'm not sure it's legit or if my body just thinks this is the new norm.  Either way, it's annoying and the darn toe still hurts!  Clearly I'm a slow healer.  Lucky me. 

I'm leaving for Disney World in a few days.  The most walking-est vacation you can take.  I'm going to want to strangle someone.  Probably my doctor.  Tonight we were getting ready to go out and my husband was in the shower and I was walking through the bathroom to the closet and he was like "Geez, it's like you've got lead feet!"

And they say romance is dead.

I'm hoping that eventually I'll stop walking like Quasimodo soon.  I'd really like to wear some of my cool winter boots and shoes.  Or really anything that doesn't resemble a slipper bootie.  Even though they are cute.

But for now, I'm stuck limping, hopping, dragging...whatever works.  Or maybe I should just sit down, put my foot up and read. 

Now THAT sounds like a plan!

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