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Tuesday, July 5, 2016


I cannot believe that today is finally here!!  Honestly, this has been the longest wait for a book that I can remember.  But ALWAYS MY GIRL (Shaughnessy Brothers book #3) is here!! 
 Something about Quinn and Anna called to me from the first time I put them in a scene in the first Shaughnessy book - MADE FOR US.  And their story just was dying to be told.  I actually wrote about a quarter of it while writing book two - LOVE WALKS IN.  So it's been a long wait, a long process and now it's ready to be read by the world.


So, friends to lovers.  What could be scarier?  If things work out, great.  But if they don't, you lose twice as much.  That's the dilemma faced by Quinn Shaughnessy and Anna Hannigan.  They've been friends since they were five and Anna's been in love with him for almost that entire time.  But as time goes by and Quinn shows no interest, she finally has to come to grips with the fact that it's never going to happen.

Until Quinn finally opens his yes.

That scene was the most fun to write because he literally falls on his ass when he realizes that his buddy, his pal, his girl next door is suddenly a very sexy woman.  I laughed the entire time I wrote it and every time I re-read it, it still made me giggle.  So you'll have to let me know if you felt the same way about that scene. 
Along with Quinn and Anna's story, you'll also get to catch up with the rest of the Shaughnessy family - Aidan and Zoe, Hugh and Aubrey, Riley, Owen, Darcy, and Ian.  I am so in love with this family and they are a joy to write and work with.  I hope you're loving them as much as I am!!

So get your copy of ALWAYS MY GIRL everywhere today!!

Happy Reading!!!