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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Sunday Funday - Christmas in Silver Bell Falls!!

Christmas in Silver Bell Falls
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A woman who has issues with Christmas.
A sheriff of a small town named after a beloved Christmas song.
A bubble bath.
And a misunderstanding.
Christmas is about to get interesting.

For a moment, Josiah could only stare.
There was a naked woman in Carol Harper’s tub. 
Holy.  Crap.
When he’d driven up to his place a few minutes ago and saw the strange car parked out in front of the cabin, he immediately became suspicious.  Hazards of the job, considering he was the sheriff of Silver Bell Falls.  The front door had been locked and the blinds drawn just as they always were, but the car was definitely a red flag.  So he let himself in.
And found the naked woman he was currently staring at.
“Who the hell are you?” she demanded, strategically covering herself so he couldn’t see what he already saw.
Like he was going to forget that any time soon.
“You need to step out of the tub, Miss…?”
“Oh, right,” she snapped.  “You break into my house and I’m supposed to listen to what you have to say?  I’ll call the cops!  You have no right breaking in here and…”
“Wait, wait, wait,” he interrupted.  “Your house?  I don’t think so.”
She rolled her eyes.  “Look, can you…can you just turn around or something so I can get out of this tub and put some clothes on?”
His immediate thought was to say no, but there was no way she was going to get by him—certainly not while she was naked and wet.  Wordlessly, he turned his back to her and almost instantly heard the water begin to drain and then the gentle splashing as she rose.
“Um…without turning around, could you hand me a towel?  I can’t reach it.”
It was almost as if the universe was mocking him.  He hadn’t been with a woman in over a year and now he had one soaking wet and naked two feet away and he had to arrest her.  Yeah, sometimes life really sucked.
Behind him, she cleared her throat and Josiah turned around.  He swallowed hard at the sight of her.  Her dark brown hair was twisted up into some sort of messy knot and she had the lightest blue eyes he had ever seen.
And right now they were shooting daggers at him.
“You’re going to need to put something on other than a towel,” he said.  “I’m not bringing you down to the station in just a towel.”
Crossing her arms, she cocked a hip and smirked.  “I hate to break it to you Ace, but you’re not bringing me anywhere.  This is my house and you are the one who is trespassing.  Now I’ll ask you nicely to leave, but if you refuse, I will call the cops and I will have you arrested.”
He couldn’t help the bark of laughter that came out.  “Sweetheart, I can’t arrest myself.