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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

FRIDAY NIGHT BRIDES: It's All About the Girls Today!!

Sometimes you just need to try something new.

And sometimes you want to do that surrounded by your friends.

Today marks the release of FRIDAY NIGHT BRIDES and I have to tell you, I am BEYOND excited about this book.  I love all of my books and my characters that I create, but this book is just a little bit more for me. Why?  Because it's a little bit of a departure from my normal stuff.  This is more women's fiction than romance, for starters - although there is plenty of romance in it.  The book focuses more on friendship between four women more than anything else.

Hailey, Becca, Angie and Ella - Meet the girls.

The four of them have been friends since they were five and they have been modeling in Friday night bridal fashion shows since that time.  They've gone from flower girls to bridesmaids to brides and during this particular wedding season in the book, their lives really start to change and it's about more than bridal fashions.

I am all about my friends.  Seriously.  I have been blessed with some amazing friends and most of them I've known and been close to for most of my life.  I think that friendships are so important and for me - at times in my life when I wasn't close to my family, I always had my friends.  So this book is for all of them!

For an exclusive excerpt from the book, you can click HERE.

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Also, please join me Friday night over on Facebook for the celebration - FRIDAY NIGHT BRIDES:  Girls Night In!  We are going to be celebrating the book release AND all-things friendship!  I'll be giving away books and swag and fun things like Starbucks gift cards and little things to pamper yourself with!  Don't miss out!  You can hang out in your jammies and eat ice cream while sitting at your computer and no one is going to judge you - because we'll ALL be doing that!!  So RSVP today!

Have a great day and HAPPY READING!!