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Saturday, May 2, 2015

There goes my dancing career...

Yes, at one time that was a dream.

When I was 17.  I was a kickliner.  Wanted to be a Rockette or something of the sort. 

Now?  Not so much.

But HAD it still been a dream, last night would have killed it. 

So I'm walking in the local Kohl's last night - hubby needed a new dress shirt, belt and tie for a wedding we're going to this weekend.  I had to drag him kicking and screaming to get there.  I had good intentions.  He needed the clothes, I wanted to browse in case I found something cuter than I already had for the wedding.

Win/win, right?

So we're shopping and we find all of his stuff relatively quick.  Praise the lord!!  So now I want shoes.  I had bought a really nice pair - at the Kohl's - just last week, but when I wore them the other night to the Mythbusters - Unleashed show Wednesday night, they gave me blisters.  Lots and lots of blisters.  Not pretty.  But anyway, so I'm walking and I'm shopping and I'm walking when all of a sudden, I'm on the floor in a half split!  At first I was impressed with my bendy-self and then I realized that my knee was in agony! 

I looked around and saw a trail of clear liquid from the jewelry counter all the way to the front door!!  I get up and move out of the aisle and my poor husband had to go and find an employee who actually could do something.  Luckily, he found one of the managers.  She came over and apologized, called for the maintenance/janitor guy and asked if I was okay.  I was.  Kind of.  I felt like a moron.  Then, sort of as an afterthought, she asked if I wanted her to fill out an accident report.

And like a COMPLETE moron, I said no.

I know, I know...big mistake.  I went home, iced my knee, took some Advil, had some ice cream and called it a night.  Today?  My knee still hurts.  It's not purple or anything, just a big lump.  I'm pretty sure I'll live but if Dancing with the Stars calls, I may have to sit next season out.


Now the world will never know of my amazing dance skills.

And I had my electric blue sequined dress already picked out!

I guess it's a good thing I've got this writing career to fall back on.  LOL!!


  1. I prefer your writing career. I realize that it has been a long time since you wrote this is your knee now?

    1. Lol! It's fine now. I did, however, get bit by a dog two weeks ago right on my shin so that's slowing me down a bit. I think the universe is trying to tell me something!