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Friday, May 29, 2015

RT Booklovers Convention Roundup - Part Five

It's the day of the book fair!
It's the day of the book fair!!
It's the day of the book fair!!!

Not going to lie to you, this was probably the most intimidating thing to me.  I don't know why really.  I've done a bunch of signings before but I guess because of the sheer size of this one and the fact that famous authors were going to be in the room too, I was just overwhelmed.

I got down to the banquet hall and they had shorted me on my books.  I was a little bit peeved but there was nothing I could do.  So I set up my table with all my wonderful, colorful swag and goodies and made friends with the people around me and put a big smile on my face and went with it.  I hate to brag, BUT...I think I had the most colorful and cheery table there.  I mean look at that picture!  Doesn't that table just scream fun and cheery??  And didn't I look fun and cheery??  It's okay, you can say it.  I'm adorable. 

And humble too, right??

I met some AMAZING people.  Honestly, I have some of the greatest readers and fans and it's so humbling to know that they came to see me and that they were excited to see me!  YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!  They came with gifts and food (Thank you, Lori!) and really cool crafty things for me to was just so wonderful!  I almost wish the darn signing lasted longer but three hours kind of flew by and then it was time to clean up.

It was like a madhouse trying to get out of the room and back up to my room.  Luckily I was blessed with some superfans who knew all the back ways to get around the crowds (Thank you, Jenny!).  I ate a small snack in my room and pretty much chilled out for a little while.

Sourcebooks hosted a Librarians and Book Sellers party a little later on and I went to that and got to mingle with some ladies who love books!  Always an awesome crowd to be with.  All of the authors got a fun sash saying "Miss Sourcebooks Casa 2015".  I was just sorry I didn't have my tiara with me to complete the outfit!  I told everyone that there'd be no living with me after this.  I was going to go home and expect my husband to treat me like a celebrity and make a big deal out of me while I walked around in my tiara and sash!  Can you imagine the look on his face??  HA!!  I have to admit, I didn't try it, but it was definitely humorous to think about.  Anyway, the party was wonderful.  We ate, we talked books, we took was a lot of fun.  Plus, all of these lucky librarians and book sellers got advance copies of my upcoming book - "Made for Us" - which is book one in the new Shaughnessy series!!  I loved seeing it out on display!!

After spending so much time talking and socializing, I was ready for a little peace and quiet.  So I completely wussed out and grabbed some room service and vegged out in my room for the rest of the night.  It was still productive though.  I had to pack and figure out how I was shipping all my free books and swag plus all the swag I didn't get to put out back home!  Believe me when I say it took a long, long time.

 One more day...


  1. How scary is it as an author to travel to unknown places? Does being responsible for all of the swag and books that people are hoping for and having to do your best to keep yourself cheerful and stuff have any negative reactions personally?

    1. The whole thing is a lot like a love/hate relationship. I never used to travel and now I'm doing it more and it's not as glamorous as I thought it would be. It can be very exhausting. However, getting to meet the fans and talk to them and take pictures with them makes it all worth it!