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Saturday, April 18, 2015

She's totally not impressed...

In case you didn't know, I am the proud owner of a pug.  Maylene.  She is sassy and adorable and pretty much thinks that she rules the home.

And she kind of does.

I love this dog like I never thought I would love a pet and the cruel irony in it all?  She is totally NOT impressed at all.  I love on her and pamper her and just seeing her makes me smile and this is the response I usually get:

Not even looking at me.

Oh, I called her name.  I blew kisses.  I whistled.  I even spoke in a firm, commanding voice like the trainer taught me to.  And this was what I got.  This was the next response:

Looking just beyond me.  I know pugs are a bit stubborn but...come on!  Why won't this dog look at me???  You know when she DOES look at me??  When I'm working and typing and completely in the zone.  Then she sits next to me and just stares.

Either she's completely clueless or she's some sort of evil genius.  I haven't decided which.

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