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Friday, March 20, 2015

I'm Coming Back...Honestly

I know, I know, I know...I disappeared again.

With good reason. 

Number one:  Construction in my house.  They are having to re-do all of the ceilings in my home.  We knew this day would come - had actually argued with the builder before we closed on the house a year ago, but they wouldn't budge.  Luckily, the new supervisor who came to do our one-year walk-through noticed how wavy and unfinished they all were and said that he'd get it taken care of for us. 

That was all fine and well and my hubby was thrilled but the truth is, it's a big job.  A big messy job.  There are easily four contractors in my house from eight in the morning until about five in the afternoon and it's loud and dusty and so not what I like!!  I miss my peace and quiet.  I miss having the place to myself.  I miss having a door on my office!!

The other day, I got taped and plastic-walled into a room.  I felt like those people who get stranded on broken down cruise ships.  I was ready to ask someone to airlift me some food - and a potty! 

TMI.  Sorry. 

Number two:  I was away in Myrtle Beach for Authors in the City.  Great event.  Lots of fun.  Super cool fans.  But it was four days away and one day of packing and prepping and one day to recover.  I'm finally getting back into the swing of things.  Kind of.  Sort of.  There's still stuff everywhere. 

Number three:  The writing cave.  I am more than halfway done with the next book in the Shaughnessy series that will debut in August 2015.  I can't say any more than that but I think you're really going to love it!!

So all that being said, I'm back.  Again.  I swear.  Have you gotten your copy of "Return to You" yet?  Or have you started the series all the way back at the beginning with the "Wait for Me/Trust in Me" duo???  You should totally be doing that! 


  1. We remodeled our second floor and both bathrooms ten years ago. I remember the noise and the dust...there was SO much dust!
    Hope your ceiling project is finished and you can return to the writing cave!
    Loved Return to Me!

  2. We had to have our family room ceiling done twice with our new home. They discovered a leak the day before our closing, they cut different holes in our ceiling try to find leak, never found. Patched everything up, about two years later, ceiling caved in, found a tiny leak from upstairs toliet, what a mess