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Sunday, July 5, 2015

My Last First Date

Way back when in 1989, I was a single girl.  I was working in retail management, living somewhat on my own and pretty much loving life.  In May of that year, I met my future husband.  I was actually friends with his sister but I had no idea she had a brother!  When she graduated from college and her parents threw her a party, I went with a bunch of our friends and there he was.

I knew the minute I saw him that I was going to marry him.

That's just one of the reasons I write about love at first sight because I firmly believe in it.  

Over the course of the evening, we sat and talked and I thought things were going great but then he left!  To be fair, he did ask if I wanted to leave with him and his friends - they were going to a bar - but I was only 20 and did not have proof to get in anyplace he was going to go.  So he left.  He didn't ask for my number and basically...yeah.  He just...left.

Not one to take this sort of thing lightly, I waited a few days and then began to snoop around and got his number.  Amazingly, his sister was NOT very forthcoming with this information.  So I eventually got the number and called him.  We played phone tag with one another for almost a month.  Then finally - FINALLY - we were able to talk one night and we were on the phone for four hours!  At the end of it I was like " do you ever want to go out with me?"

Brazen little hussy, wasn't I?

He said yes.  Sigh.  We went out the next night for drinks (yes, yes, I was STILL underage but I got in!) and we spent hours and hours just talking and laughing and it was amazing.  A date that started at 7 pm ended somewhere around 4 a.m.  I felt like we had shared our entire life's stories with one another and he never even kissed me!  

Kid.  You.  Not.

Seriously, how this lasted, I don't know because his reaction to me was NOT ego-boosting to any degree.  

But now, 26 years after that first date, we are still together.  Two amazing boys, one sassy pug and a whole lot of love and laughter has filled those years.  I had to dig through my stash of pictures to find one from those early days where we were actually together - there's a lot that I took of him and then lots that he took of me but all the ones of us together had other people in them and I didn't want to embarrass anyone other than us for the sake of this post!  It's a little blurry but you can still see the big hair and the cuteness.

Tomorrow is our anniversary of our first date and I'm so glad that my last first date was to such an amazing man.  I love him so much and am blessed every day because of him.

Now, for your entertainment, should you want to know what other exciting things happened in 1989 - so long, long ago - you can go here and see some of the hilarious happenings:

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