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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Adventures in the City - Last Day!

The last day of a vacation - especially when it's also your travel day - is always the worst.  That was Saturday for us.  

We were up early, packing and showering.  I wanted to sleep until noon, but that wasn't going to happen no matter what.  We left the hotel at 9:45 and walked the six blocks to Times Square to the Hilton Doubletree where I was going to be filmed for Kindle Love Stories.  I was so nervous that I thought I was going to be sick.  I had carefully picked out my outfit - the list of colors I was not allowed to wear was pretty much my entire wardrobe so I was nervous about that too.

We got there and were escorted into the filming/studio space.  The entire crew was amazing!  They were all so friendly and encouraging and just genuinely happy people, that I was instantly relaxed.  I brought hubby and son with me to witness it all.  I mean, how often is something like this going to happen to me??  

They touched up my hair and makeup and then got me wired up.  And for the next forty-five minutes, I had a blast!  The questions were very fun and I wasn't prompted in advance so when this airs, just know that it was all spontaneous.  I did stumble a few times and they had to re-shoot, but all in all, it was a lot of fun.  I was sorry when they said we were done!  Normally I'd say I have a face for radio, but other than the flat hair, I think I looked okay.

When we were done, we took a few last minute shots of Times Square and grabbed some lunch before going and checking out of the hotel.  Hubby went and picked up the car and we were on the road out of the city by 1:20.  I felt like we had lived an entire day by that point, but unfortunately, our long day still had a long day to go.
The drive back to North Carolina took ten hours - and that was with stops for gas and dinner.  It's become a bit of a tradition to stop and eat at a Cracker Barrell on our road trips and this day was no exception.  The last twenty minutes of the drive was the worst.  We were all frantic to get out of the car and just be home.  Me?  I was frantic to get back to my dog.  My poor little Maylene who I missed so darn much!!  Our reunion was very sweet and it felt so good to walk through the door and just be in my own house!!

I slept like a log that night.

Home Sweet Home.  

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