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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Adventures in Vegas - Day Four

I'm not gonna lie to you, this was the first REAL day of the convention and I was already exhausted!  LOL!  And this day was all about the food.

Our day started off with breakfast at the Hash House a Go-Go with my street team!  Well, not the whole team but three of my girls were there so we all got to hang out and have breakfast together!  Such a treat!  It's so amazing to me that I've been friends with these women for a few years now and we've hardly met!  Actually, one of my girls I met for the first time!  And I have to say, bonding with these wonderful women over our love of reading still just blows my mind!

I roamed the hotel a bit afterwards and checked out the convention area again - and finally got to meet another amazing author who I love - Susan Hatler!!  I LOVE her books and we went and hung out and had a few drinks and played some digital poker!  I won a nickel!  LOL!  Seriously, that was my first attempt at gambling and I won a nickel.  But I had a great time doing it!

I had dinner with Susan Mallery's assistant and one of the girls from my street team and - again - it is just amazing to me that I have such wonderful friends that I met through my writing and my love of reading!  RT is the perfect place to make new friends, but it's wonderful to be able to connect to those you chat and share with every day online but never get to see!!

Then it was time for the big show - the Vintage Vegas Casino Night!  This was a big party put on by RT and it was a lot of fun.  We dressed up (kind of) and there was an Elvis impersonator, showgirls, a male dance (or what was being coined as Chippendale's Plan B), a mini casino and multiple "lounges" that were sponsored by a bunch of the publishers - including mine!  So I hung out in the lounge and met readers, took a ton of pictures and unfortunately, we never got to gamble because the tables were all full!
And I got to hang out with my girl, Sarah Humphreys! She had me taking pictures and doing things I would have probably was all well worth it!  Now I have all of these embarrassing photos to look back on and laugh at!  She is the queen of shenanigans and I love her for it!  If we lived closer together, there would probably be a LOT of trouble!  LOL!

Hard to believe we're only halfway through the week!!