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Monday, November 2, 2015

Release Day!! Christmas in the City!!

So the big day is finally here!  A lot of love and time went into making this anthology happen and I'm so proud of this project and excited for everyone to get to read these great stories!  

For those of you unfamiliar with the Christmas in the City anthology, here's what it's all about:  Fourteen newly written stories by fifteen Authors in the City authors. This anthology will benefit a children's hospital in the Florida area where the 2016 Authors in the City book signing will be held.  Authors in the City is hosted by Stephanie's Book Reports.

My own story - "Waiting for Midnight" - is a fun 20K word novella that I know you're going to love.

Waiting for Midnight - Samantha Chase

Maddie’s wishing for a little holiday magic with her sexy neighbor Noah.

Refusing to ring in one more New Year without dates, Maddie and her best friend Kiera decide to up their game to find dates to kiss at midnight.  Unfortunately, the only date Maddie wants is with her neighbor Noah.  The former Marine doesn't socialize with anyone - he and Maddie have barely spoken a dozen words to one another in the year they've lived next door to one another -  but Maddie knows if she could just spend a little time with him, she could change his mind.  With the help of some snow, a broken ladder and a burned out light bulb, Maddie just might get her wish this year.

White Christmas - AJ Harmon

Lisa, a happy and well-adjusted 14 year old, decides that it’s time to meet her birth parents.

April and Erik haven’t seen each other since high school graduation 12 years ago. How will they react when they are both invited to a Halloween party? They are about to come face to face with the past they are both still trying to forget. This heart-warming novella celebrates family, acceptance and forgiveness, as hearts are healed and new bonds formed.

Holiday With Holli - S.M. Donaldson

Holli and Zack have despised each other their entire lives. A trip home for the holidays makes them pose the question… Can a few hot moments make it possible for these two to de-frost their old relationship and start a new one?

One Hot Christmas - A.D. Justice

When rock stars have too much time on their hands, they naturally turn to one thing...having a good time. A girlfriend. An ex-girlfriend. A best friend. A matchmaker. Four rock stars on tour. Plans are bound to backfire, but when they go right, it creates One Hot Christmas.

Nick - AM Madden

A one-night stand that broke all the rules. It was supposed to be one night. It was supposed to be meaningless--with no emotion. Just desire and passion. But it was so much more... By definition, a one-night stand is simply a sexual encounter lasting only a single night. Meaningless, mindless, detached fornication without an expectation of further relations. Each party then resumes their lives as if never having met the other. On a snowy night in Chicago, Nick and Angela had a one-night stand…and rewrote the definition.

Coming Home - Taryn Plendl

She wanted a one night stand. He wanted more. Iowa winters can be brutally cold, but when Ella Marks and Matteo Lazos get together, the results are sizzling. When life is up in the air, sometimes coming home for the holidays is the only way to find solid ground.

Tangled in Tinsel - Mariah Dietz

Christmas is in three days, and I have eight states to cross before I get home. Mother Nature and kismet have joined forces in an attempt to ruin this holiday season as flights across the East Coast have been canceled due to a snowstorm. I hate traveling nearly as much as I hate the snow.

How is kismet involved, you ask? Carter O’Brien is trying to get home as well. Do you know what I hate more than snow and traveling? Carter O’Brien.

Stay Awhile - Gia Riley

Garrett Kristoff’s living the life he’s always wanted, yet something’s missing. As a well-respected surgeon, he’s seen it all. But even he isn’t prepared for his next case. Should he tempt fate or play it safe? There’s too much on the line to get it wrong. Megan Campbell’s married to her high school sweetheart. Their entire world revolves around their beautiful little girl. But seven years into their marriage, tragedy strikes, revealing her husband’s secrets. Life can change in the blink of an eye. Will Megan hold onto the only man she's ever loved, or accept the truth that will change her world forever? This Christmas, they could all use a miracle.

White Midnight - Shari J. Ryan

Christmas isn’t the same anymore, but at least I still have my little tree and the two unopened gifts that will forever haunt me. That’s what Christmas is to me now—sadness and bad luck. But then I met Bex in the middle of a blizzard in the mountains of New Hampshire (Did I mention I’m from Florida?).  A chance encounter with this ruggedly good-looking mountain-man might just make me question how bad my luck really is.

A Holiday Discovery - Ellie Keys
Maria, a reporter, is in the center of a big story while on a trip.  The decision: adventurous holiday or career goldmine?

Christmas Letters - Christina Benjamin

Rae has never loved Christmas much. Bouncing from place to place in the foster system didn’t afford her very fond holiday memories. This Christmas is proving to be one of her most difficult yet when she starts to receive mysterious letters counting down the 12 days until Christmas. At first she thinks the letters are just a prank, but whoever is sending them knows startling details about her life and most recent failed relationship. Will the clues from the cryptic letters leave her broken hearted or could this be the Christmas miracle she’s been waiting for?

All I Want for Christmas - Misha Elliott

All Adrianna Lutz wants is for the holidays to be over. This year an unexpected prize sends her to the Caribbean with her best friend, brother and an unexpected guest. The boy who was once the bane of her existence. Seeing him face to face brings back unwanted feelings. To Eric Wayne, Adrianna was nothing more than the annoying little sister of his best friend—until the night they shared an amazing kiss. Now she’s all grown up and all he wants is her. Will time in paradise with Eric be what she needs to bring back the holiday spirit?

Repairing Christmas - Sidonia Rose

The presents are wrapped, the semester is finishing up, and it’s almost time for Christmas.

Christmas has always been the same, quiet and cozy at home.  Miranda is changing things and

spending this Christmas with her boyfriend, until he becomes her ex-boyfriend and breaks their

plans. Christmas for Glenn is about family and their annual holiday party.  Until he meets Miranda and discovers that some things don’t have to be broken to be fixed.

Finding Christmas - Elizabeth Hayes & Ashlee Taylor

Christmas hi-jinks & practical jokes are all fun and games until someone's water breaks.

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  1. Christmas books really get my\e in the mood for the holidays

    1. Me too!! This time of year, I prefer to read nothing but holiday romances!

  2. Loved your story in this book. Can't wait to dive in to your new book. You are an amazing author. I hope one day to meet you. Shelly Small

  3. Congrats! Can't read to snuggle in and read the stories!

  4. Sounds great!!! Cant' wait to check it out!!!

  5. I Love Christmas Stories and Samantha Chase. So I am really excited to Read Christmas in The City and Christmas in Silver Bell Falls!!!

    1. I certainly gave you a lot to read this week, right?? Enjoy!!

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  7. I can't wait to cuddle up cozy with your Holiday book, any Samantha Chase book is awesome, but I love the holidays!

  8. I can't wait to read these! They sound fantastic!