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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Time to Play Catch Up...Again!

So I went and did it again - and after I said I wouldn't.

I went MIA.


Okay, so here's the low-down on what life has been like in the month of August:

First, I've been doing this fabulous scavenger hunt with author Sara Humphreys.  We're promoting my new release, "Made for Us" and Sara's upcoming release, "Brave the Heat" - coming September 1st.  If you haven't had a chance to get in on the action, there's a little less than a week left and you don't want to miss out!  It has been a BLAST!!  You can click HERE to go the Facebook event page.

Next, I have been writing.  Writing, writing, writing.  I worked on edits for the re-release of Jordan's Return (May 2016) and finished writing Shaughnessy 4 (Riley Shaughnessy's story), a Christmas novella that will be part of a charity project and am currently working on another Christmas novella I will release in November.

My fingers are killing me!

On top of that, I've had some health issues.  I have been anemic for years.  My GP never seemed to make a big deal out of it but when some other health things came up and those doctors found out about the anemia, they freaked.  So I've been going to a hematologist and getting iron infusions.  I go back tomorrow to see if they've helped but I don't think they have because I don't feel any better.  We'll see.

My youngest started his sophomore year of high school AND just got his learner's permit.  Yes, he's killing me quickly and painfully by growing up this fast and I am NOT happy about it!

I've been happily promoting the new release and for those of you who get my newsletter, you saw that I am already teasing you with sneak peaks at the next Montgomery book, "I'll Be There".  If you haven't subscribed to the newsletter yet, you really should.  Another one will go out on Monday with another exclusive look.  You can sign up for the newsletter HERE.

So...all that being said, I'm back.  Again.  And I promise to not stay away so long.  Again.

But don't hold me to it!  :) 


  1. I am glad you are back!
    The scavenger hunt/giveaway has been a lot of fun. Thank you for the copy of a Return to Me!!
    I have anemia, too. Iron pills and spinach are my friends. (Not really!)
    My daughter starts her senior year of college next week. We move her in this weekend.
    Our house will be quiet.
    Looking forward to Zach's and Gabby's story!

    1. Thank you, Sue!! I appreciate all that you do to help promote me!!

  2. You ROCK!!! (And I Always type RICK)!