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Monday, February 8, 2016

Hope Falls Kindle World!!

So I have been so blessed to be a part of this new Kindle World - Melanie Shawn's Hope Falls Kindle World!  If you've never heard of Kindle Worlds, you're not alone.  In an over-simplified explanation, this is essentially what it is:  Your favorite authors who have created a fictional town, setting or world, now invite other authors to come and write stories in those worlds.  So Melanie Shawn had a series that was set in the fictional town of Hope Falls - and now nine authors (including myself) have stories set there!  Easy-peasy, right?

 So my story is "Wildest Dreams".  It is a sweet novella and I absolutely LOVE it!!  

She’s looking for a future with roots from her past…

For Alesha Reed, coming back to Hope Falls is bittersweet. Twenty years ago it was her home, but that was when her family was still together. Now she’s returning to take over her father’s beloved book store – Read Between the Lines – while he deals with a health crisis. For years Alesha longed for the town, the people, the sense of belonging she once felt and she’s ready for her fresh start amidst the familiar.

He’s seeing an important part of his past as a key to his future…
Reece Brooks has called Hope Falls home for most of his life, but when the opportunity arose to give him a little breathing room from the close-knit community, he took it. It’s normally business-as-usual when he comes home for a visit, so imagine his surprise when this visit home brings him face to face with the first girl to ever break his heart. Granted, they were only seven years old at the time, but still. Fate has brought the girl he’s never forgotten back into his life. Unfortunately, Reece is only in Hope Falls for a limited time and Alesha’s ready to lay down roots there.

Can you really find your soulmate at the age of seven or walk away when you find them again? In their wildest dreams, Reece and Alesha never imagined that their first love would be their greatest love.


So go and check it out!  And all of the other great Hope Falls stories!  You won't be disappointed!

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