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Friday, October 23, 2015

Christmas in the City

So if you're someone who reads my books - and hopefully you do! - you know that I LOVE writing Christmas romances.  I love reading them, I love writing them...just love, love, love.  Authors in the City was the very first signing that I ever did up in New York City back in 2014.  The ladies who put that event together are AMAZING.  So when they approached me about being part of a project where I would donate a Christmas romance to an anthology that would benefit a children's charity, I was immediately on board!

"Christmas in the City" has fourteen stories by fifteen amazing authors. 

I am honored to be part of this project.  The anthology went up for pre-order on Amazon this morning and is currently only .99 cents.  My hope is that everyone - even if you don't read a lot of romances or if you don't know all the authors on the list - will still buy this book because all of the proceeds are going to charity!

And I'm going to get up on my soapbox for a minute - in my 46 years of life I have hosted DOZENS of home parties.  I'm talking Tupperware, Pampered Chef, Creative Memories, Usbourne Books, Tastefully Simple and I'm sure I'm missing a few.  I've supported school fundraisers for children of my friends as well as donating to them for my own son's schools over the years.  That being said, I have spent hundreds - if not THOUSANDS - of dollars supporting my friends and their endeavors.  I'm asking or .99 cents.  That's it.  Upload it to your eReader.  If you read it, great.  If you don't, that's fine too.  But know this - by supporting this cause you are helping people who maybe cannot help themselves.  The money raised by "Christmas in the City" is going to a children's hospital in Orlando near where Authors in the City will be hosting their 2016 signing in March.  We will be presenting a check to the hospital while we are there.  So if you can buy a hundred dollars worth of specialty home goods to support a friend's business, can't you spare a dollar to help a charitable cause?

Stepping down.

My contribution to the anthology is a novella (only 20K words!) called "Waiting for Midnight".  It's short and sweet and completely adorable.  For right now it is ONLY available as part of "Christmas in the City".  And again, it's only .99 cents.

Order your copy HERE -