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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Sunday Funday #2!!

Sunday Funday Peek into: Meant for You
Series: Montgomery Brothers Book 5
Available NOW!!!

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Meant For you is book 5 in the Montgomery Series, a series centered around an extended family who works hard together, plays hard together and loved one another deeply. Each member of the family has their individual story and finds their happily-ever-after. This is Summer, the baby girl of the family, and Ethan, a family friend for many years, story. Come along for the ride and watch them dare to dream and learn to love together.


So,” he began, “what time were you thinking about
going to dinner?”

“I’m not sure. I don’t think we have reservations. What about you?”

He took a step closer. “I had kind of planned on ordering room service and just hanging out in my room. So I’m flexible.”

“Oh. Okay.” She was nervous and didn’t quite know what to say. The thought of having dinner with Ethan in his room was beyond appealing, but she knew it wasn’t going to happen. “I…um…I guess I’ll talk to Gabriella and we’ll call you when we have something planned.”

Ethan nodded. “I guess you could. Or…”

“Or what?”

He leaned in close, close enough to watch her pupils dilate and close enough to inhale the sweet scent of her. “Or…you can come with me.” He gave no other details because it was all implied right there.

She wanted desperately to say yes; it was like getting a second chance at your perfect fantasy. Could she really walk away from that? One look at Gabriella and she unfortunately had her answer. “I…I can’t.”

His eyebrows shot up at her response. “What? Why?”

“You and I both know why. I didn’t tell anyone about last weekend, Ethan. I’m here now with Gabriella, and she’s definitely going to notice if you and I leave together. And besides that, we’re sharing a room. She’ll definitely notice when I don’t come back.” Somewhere in the back of her mind, Summer knew this was for the best. She just wished it didn’t hurt so much.

Ethan took a step back and nodded. He didn’t want to pressure her or make her uncomfortable. He’d only recently come to grips with how he felt about her; maybe he needed to take some time to let her get to know him as a man and not as just a friend of her brother’s. “I understand. I guess I’ll see you at dinner.” He didn’t move; hell, he barely breathed. It wasn’t hard to see the indecision on Summer’s face, but in the end, she turned and walked over to the gift shop. He didn’t move when she stepped out of his sight, and he didn’t move when Gabriella turned in his direction.

“Are you out of your mind?” Gabriella hissed as soon as Summer came and stood beside her.

“What are you talking about?” Summer asked wearily as she picked up a magazine and began to flip through it.

“Care to tell me why you’re standing in here with me reading Men’s Health when you could be off somewhere with Ethan?”

Summer looked at her in shock. “Me and Ethan?” she squeaked. “Are you crazy? Where…whatever gave you that idea?”

Gabriella threw her head back and laughed, a full, throaty sound that made people turn in their direction. When she was able to catch her breath, she faced Summer. “Seriously? You are seriously asking me that question?”


Gabriella shifted her purse from one shoulder to the other. “Okay, let’s start with the fact that you watch him at the office all the time.”

“I do not.”

“All. The. Time. Secondly, he watches you just as much.”

Summer’s eyes widened. “He does not.”

Gabriella nodded. “All. The. Time. Hell, he’s stand-ing there doing it right now. Why don’t you do us all a favor and go enjoy yourself?”

“But what about—”

“I will be fine hanging out by myself. I think I’ll have dinner sent to the room and enjoy eating dessert in bed.” When Summer tried to interrupt, she stopped her. “My lips are sealed, Summer. No one will hear about this from me.”

“But what about Zach?”

Gabriella actually frowned at the mention of her boss. “What about him?”

“You work for him. If he finds out about this, he’ll freak out.”

“Please. Your brother freaks out about a lot of stuff, and like I said, he won’t hear about it from me. If he asks me if I know anything, I’ll deny it with my last breath.”

She smiled. “Go. I know you said you weren’t interested in hooking up with anyone, but I get the impression that statement didn’t include Mr. Reed over there.”

Summer was afraid to turn around. “Is he really still standing there?” she whispered.

Gabriella nodded. “And watching you like he can’t wait to have you for dessert.”

Summer smiled. “Then I guess I shouldn’t make him wait.”

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